Why We Love Super Bowl Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

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Every year at the beginning of February, millions of people gather around their television sets to experience a cultural phenomenon. With dip in hand we all wager on the Super Bowl. Not necessarily on the game’s outcome, but rather on the marketing genius displayed during this unofficial National Holiday, this one special game. With a mere $4 million being dropped per ad, there is a lot to learn from what happens in between the downs. Here are 5 reasons why we love Super Bowl marketing and you should, too:

1. It is the one time of the year when people are actually excited to see ads

When else are so many people more excited about televised marketing magic than they are about the program itself (which on Super Bowl Sunday should be the game)? And if you watched this year’s game, dear marketing blog reader, I am sure you were ONLY paying attention to the commercials.

2. It is the one time of the year when it is OK to take a risk

With almost 108.5 million people watching, Super Bowl Sunday is the day to shine (or not). Either way, it is the perfect opportunity for a brand to do something remarkable. It’s the best time to convince the suits in C-Suite to let you think outside the box and run with it, all the way to the end zone if you can. The audience will let you know if you make the grade.

3. Puppies

Every event should have puppies. Well, not really, but if there is room for our cute canine friends we want to see puppies getting work. And Super Bowl ads are equal opportunity employers when it comes to puppies. Some brands, Budweiser comes to mind (and to glass) understand that customers make decisions based on emotions. What tears at the heart strings more than puppies? Perhaps a puppy in love with a horse might do it. We all need to consider the ways that our brand can connect emotionally to our customers, thereby strengthening brand equity and loyalty.

4. We Learn What Is Hot

The popularity of a commercial during the Super Bowl will immediately tell a brand what really resonates with the consumer market. Take notes. See what works, what doesn’t, and why. And then consider ways that you can transform your strategy based on current trends and themes.

5. We Laugh At Ourselves

Most of the highest-ranked ads in each year’s Super Bowl broadcast are funny. The advertisers know that the increasingly savvy audience is watching the ads for entertainment value. And they play along. Whether it is parody, slapstick, or appealing to ironic consumption by directly tagging itself as branding, Super Bowl ads make us smile, laugh, and shriek with amused delight. Explore ways to add humor and a bit more fun to your brand. If the humor is relevant and true to your target audience, wouldn’t it make sense to add some to your next marketing campaign? We say, go long!

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