Web Design: Advantages of the Professional Agency vs. the Dorm Room Designer:

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New, and sometimes even experienced, business owners may feel tempted to hire someone they know or a ‘friend of a friend’ to build their website. Companies need to see their websites as the online showcase of their business. For Ecommerce ventures, the website becomes the essential online store.

  The one-man freelance designer may seem like a good idea at the time. Initial pricing is often much lower than with a professional web design house. The one-man show may profess to being an expert in every aspect of web development and search engine marketing and offer a quicker deadline than the web agency did. Businesses may like the feeling of working with a ‘friend of a friend’ or the owner’s cousin. In most cases, the realities of working with the ‘dorm room designer’ are quite different.

  Following are several advantages of working with a professional ct website design and marketing agency versus the basement web professional:

  A Team of experienced Web Designers each with a wide range of skills and their own particular talent niches are available to bring their talents to many projects. Graphic artists, website programmers, flash developers, ecommerce designers SEO experts, and professional copy writers. Agencies have the resources to acquire the top talent in the industry. The Dorm Room Designer may claim expertise in all areas, but logic decrees this is just not likely.

  Increased Man-power Resources: More design professionals to allocate jobs to gets the job moving on schedule. Professional project management systems also keep design projects on task for the intended delivery date. The Dorm Room Designer is by definition a ‘one man show’.

Custom Web Design/Tailored to the Target Audience: Doing the research, looking at the big picture of who, what, how, and why and building a custom website that looks at every aspect of doing business online in each unique industry. This takes an experienced team of both marketing and web development professionals to get the job done correctly.

Quality Assurance: Professional web design firms conduct extensive testing on all major browsers and in every important situation. Proofing and editing is ongoing throughout the project. Good agencies make a commitment to keep current with industry best practices, technical innovations, and the most effective methods of website promotion.

Full Spectrum of Marketing Agency Services: Many good agencies combine both web design and search engine marketing services. These two fields are interlinked so closely that it just makes good business sense. Once a custom site is created, the agency works to drive substantial high-quality traffic to the site. SEO, media buying, and social networking are some of the many marketing tactics a quality web agency will use to help clients gain success online. It is hard to imagine the lone designer bringing all of these skills to the table.

Experts in ‘Branding’ A good web marketing and design team is expert in building a website presence from the ground up that will convey the mission and philosophy of a business, and make sure the target customer gets the message loud and clear. ‘Branding’ takes skill, experience, and an instinctive eye for what consumers want that not everyone can deliver.

Making the Website Vision a Reality:

Commitment to Excellence: Unlike the ‘Dorm Room Designer’, the great agencies are not looking to make a quick buck or just playing with the idea of becoming IT professionals. Digital Surgeons is home to an established and committed group of industry professionals who love nothing better than unraveling the mysteries of the search engines and the consumer mind, and putting that information to work for our clients. We provide CT web design services of unparalleled performance.

  Every website we build and marketing campaign we perform is geared to completely outperform expectations and become something we can proudly showcase as our own. Digital Surgeons works to make sure the job is done right, on time, and if any problems occur, we take care of them quickly and efficiently. If we don’t think we can help your business be more successful, we will not take the project. Will that happen with the ‘dorm room designer?

  For more information about Digital Surgeons or to start working on a new website or search engine marketing plan today, call our Connecticut web design and marketing professionals at (203) 672-6201 or fill out our convenient website contact form.