Twitter: Ruling the Social Planet?

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Twitter’s top Tweet: Apple’s iOS5

  It’s another leap for social media as Apple integrates with Twitter. Apple announced that Twitter will be the primary social network built into iOS5 iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. Twitter will be compatible with Camera, Photos, Safari, Contacts, YouTube and Maps.Contacts are directly imported from Twitter accounts into the phone so users can @mention their friends. This integration makes it easy for tweeters to tweet what they want, whenever they want with the touch of a button.

  Apple’s Troubled Romance with Facebook

  So the question comes to mind, why wouldn’t Apple partner with Facebook? It is the largest social network available with 500 million users. Growing at 700,000 users daily.

  The answer to this is that Apple and Facebook are somewhat at war. In 2010 Apple was in the works on an agreement with Facebook for the new iTunes-based social network Ping. Ping lets listeners follow their favorite artists, comment and connect with others with similar music interests. Ping would allow users to connect to their Facebook account, making it easier to export information from Facebook to Ping and vice versa. Sounds like a win/win situation, right?

  Unfortunately, the agreement with Facebook never came to a close. Facebook had high concerns of potential traffic loads resulting in infrastructure problems. In September 2010, Apple launched Ping with Facebook, without a signed agreement. Obviously Facebook had a problem with this and stripped Facebook off of Ping immediately. The deletion of Facebook made it more complicated to connect with others, making e-mail and knowledge of user names the only way to connect. As a result, Facebook and Apple’s relationship status is “it’s complicated”.

  About a month later after Ping’s release, Twitter stepped in to do the job Facebook said no to. Twitter is now the social network attached to Ping, allowing users to interact with the artists and people they also follow on Twitter. All activity on Ping is also tweeted to users Twitter accounts. Wonder who is Apple’s top tweet now?

  Will the underdog Twitter rise in Social Domination?

  In the left corner we have the tweeters of Twitter and in the right corner we have the everlasting friends of Facebook. So which contender will come out on top?

  Facebook has 500 million users, while Twitter follows with106 million users. It’s pretty obvious who the Rocky in this match is. Currently Twitter reigns in mobile usage with 37% of users logging in with a mobile phone, while Facebook follows with 30%. Twitter’s integration into the iOS5 system should only raise their stats.

  As of 2011, 28% of mobile users (not including the iPad or iTouch) use the iPhone. In 2011 the iPhone became available to the largest telecom company Verizon, slowing the sales of Google’s Android and hiking iPhone sales. AT&T’s recent merger with T-Mobile will also make iPhones available to a new arena of customers. Just about anyone but Sprint can sell you iPhone now…very good news for Twitter.

  As more people buy iPhones, iPads and iTouches it will be easy to sign up for the integrated Twitter feature. This partnership could very well heighten Twitter’s usage. Integration may urge people to understand Twitter, as many are still confused as to what Twitter is. Even its creator Jack Dorsey cannot define it. It will also be easier to share photos through directly uploading pictures to Twitter rather than using 3rd party picture apps. Twitter integration will spark users to spread the word and influence others to use Twitter as well.

  Even though Facebook will still reign as top dog, Apple and Twitter’s relationship will have Facebook looking over its shoulders. In the last two months, Facebook has seen its first decrease in growth since 2008 and have also lost 6 million American users in the month of May alone. Twitter may just be a step closer to making a more dominant name for itself in the social networking world with this deal.