Twitter API Update: Why Marketers Need to Care

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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D-Day has come to start making decisions impacted by Twitter’s API.

  While API updates are generally the responsibility of the development team, Twitter is making some changes that all members of an agency or marketing team should be aware of. Version 1 of the API, which is currently utilized in almost all embedded Twitter feeds and plugins that allow such feeds to appear on websites, is being deprecated and replaced by version 1.1.

  In short, this update will likely impact all Twitter feeds that exist across your web properties. Plugins will no longer be able to pull information from Twitter the way it has in the past. Twitter has been employing “blackouts” of feeds utilizing the deprecated API to demonstrate which feeds will stop working completely once the transition is complete, the first of which took place early last week on March 5.

  The complication is that developers cannot be sure which plugins will be able to adapt to the new version, which requires a deeper authentication process and will likely differ greatly from the current Twitter API. In addition, the new “embeddable timelines” limits the level of customization available.

  While the developers of the industry grapple to accommodate this change, we recommend that marketers take inventory of all of properties’ that utilize the Twitter API and monitor those feeds. We try to post about this sort of thing often you should follow us on twitter.