TwitFit: Effective Weapon of Last Resort

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In the digital realm, one loose cannon on a Twitter tirade can explode on a brand like a bomb. These angry customers are armed with the power of social media and come out of nowhere, literally. And they’re aiming for the jugular.

  We call this a TwitFit.

  While brands fear the day that a TwitFit arrives on their Twitter feed, this is also a powerful and influential tool for a desperate customer. When all conventional lines of communication are dead ends, social media can be a great ally.

  The TwitFit is not a tool to be taken lightly, by either party. It should be reserved for dire circumstances. For example, when inaction on the part of a company is damaging an individual or their business – loss of clients, loss of sales, loss of credibility.

  Throw a TwitFit. See how quickly there’s a response.

  The Art of a TwitFit Tantrum

beyond frustrated with @brand_support response, resolution, support of [product/service]. losing business and credibility by the minute.

  This is the edited version of what one anonymous DS project manager lobbed into the Twitterverse when inaction on the part of a vendor was impeding project development.

  Within an hour, she had a written response with direct contact information for the company’s president. Within 18 hours, the problems that had gone unaddressed for over a week were resolved.

  The Power of One
As customer service emerges into the online community, one person has the power to make a huge impact with their social media conversation. Whether you are the person filing the complaint or the company representative handling it, this is a volatile situation. Keeping in mind that this entire interaction is public, the next steps after a TwitFit are crucial.

  After a TwitFit Attack

  Follow the example of the above brand and seize the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s problem-solving abilities. The TwitFit is public, and potentially damaging to your brand.

  When your TwitFit is resolved

  Do the right thing. Send a thank you note, like your mother taught you. Or the Twitter equivalent. Send a SweetTweet.