Top Tech Companies Push Video Ad Sales

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Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Google is introducing AdWords for Video, meant to integrate video advertisements in YouTube and allow advertisers to purchase ad units in YouTube videos and video search results.

  AOL has also been making advancements to their video advertising system by creating AOL On, where all video content from AOL can be compiled into one neat location. This move is meant to drive ad sales in videos.

  Facebook purchased a ton of patents from Microsoft in an effort to bulk up their portfolio as they prepare for IPO this spring. Yahoo!, who is suing Facebook for several patent infringements, is accusing Facebook of acquiring new patents in order to countersue and have claimed these patent purchases are not in good faith.

  Cyber security act CISPA passed in the House of Representatives last night and will be moving on to the Senate. The White House, however, has recommended that President Obama veto the bill, as it infringes on the civil liberties of users.

Be on the Lookout:

  Adobe announced updates to its C5 Creative suite, as well as a new service called the Creative Cloud. For a set price per month, a user can access some or all of Adobe’s software programs. The entire suite is available for $49.99/month (with a one-year commitment) while popular programs like Photoshop would be slightly less.

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