The Tottenham Sandwich Chronicles, Volume 1

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Today is Jeff Tottenham’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jeff! In honor of his birthday, today will be the kickoff for the “Tottenham Sandwich Chronicles”.

  Everyday Jeff brings in glorious sandwiches that not only bring pleasure, but also satisfaction and inspiration. These aren’t just any sandwiches, they are Tottenham Sandwiches. He makes them with care, anticipating the future of his appetite, packages them neatly, puts them in his remarkable cooler and then for a few exuberant minutes around noon, indulges in a little bit of heaven between two slices of bread.

  Today, his special birthday sandwich is turkey, American cheese (possibly land o’ lakes) and just the right touch of mayo, housed between two pieces of wheat bread. Dare we say…. Perfection?