The Secret of Experiential Marketing To America’s Hispanic Women

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America’s Hispanic women (or “Latinas”) are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. female population and are expected to represent 30% of the total female population by 2060. At Digital Surgeons, while every consumer is worth observing we see that as a game changer for brands to pay attention to.

Turns out, these women are extremely open to experiential marketing if it’s done right. Here is the secret recipe of experiential marketing to America’s Latinas.

1: Make It Part Of Their Shopping Experience

Latinas love to shop and they tend to seek out retail experiences. Whereas 88% of Americans report they would add a product to their shopping list if they happened to enjoy an experiential interaction with it, Latinas actively seek out such experiences. A People Shop study revealed that:

2: Respect The Cultural Nuances

OK, it should go without saying that people don’t like being reduced to a demographic caricature. But we’ll say it, because marketing to the females of a racial minority, which the U.S. Census Bureau reports has roots in more than 30 Spanish speaking countries, is a delicate matter. Nielsen, Event Marketer, and AHAA report:

  • Not all Hispanic women are bilingual:

You can’t take a one-size fits all approach. Research is key, into both how Latinas tend to interact with your industry and the specifics of the geographical areas where you deploy your experiential marketing. Always build respect for their Hispanic background into your marketing (that’s a smart move), but don’t assume they can (or want to) speak Spanish. Cover your bases. Make sure your experiential marketers are English/Spanish bilingual, but when it comes to speaking one or the other (or a mix of both) go with what makes the customer comfortable. View it as a dance and let the customer lead.

3: Embrace The Millennial Milieu

Every 30 seconds a Hispanic American turns 18. Hispanic Americans tend to be young and in fact represent the nation’s youngest demographic. Recent research reveals that:

Knowing that Latinas tend to be young, and realizing recent studies reveal 76% of Millennials think highly of companies that engage in Cause Marketing, must inform your experiential marketing efforts. Build comprehensive experiential marketing campaigns that are fun but also connect to issues Millennials care about.

America’s Latinas tend to be young, connected to their Spanish-speaking ancestry, and in love with going shopping out in the physical world. This makes them open to experiential marketing. But you need to do your homework. Following the broad strokes we’ve laid out will get you going in the right direction. For more details on the craft, check out how Digital Surgeons created quite the experience by bringing together Barneys New York and Lady Gaga to hold the Gaga Workshop.