Swipe-Friendly Tools for Your Website

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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This year alone, as many as 330 million smartphones and 42 million tablets will be sold worldwide, most of which will have interactive touch screens. And the New York Times’ technology blog reports that publishers now will have a way to make their Web sites more touch-friendly.

  A new service from OnSwipe, promises “insanely easy tablet publishing” and is compatible with any device that has a touch screen. “IPhone apps present a beautiful, fluid and fast experience,” said Jason Baptiste, co-founder and chief executive of OnSwipe. “What if you could create the same experience on the Web, in HTML5?”

  Mr. Baptiste officially unveiled the service on April 14th Thursday morning at “DemoDay,” an event held in New York by TechStars, a well-known technology incubator. OnSwipe is also equipped with a social discovery tool that can make recommendations for articles to read and Web sites to visit. The tool is powered by Bit.ly, a link-shortening tool developed by Betaworks, one of the company’s investors.