Social Media / PR challenge for Dominos…

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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I wouldn’t want to be an executive at Dominos Pizza right now. They have a little problem to deal with… OK, a HUGE problem to deal with.

  You can see by the comments that consumers are already calling for a Dominos boycott. While Dominos as a company is not necessarily responsible for what these kids have done, they ARE responsible for a proper response. What is the best response from them as a marketer? How does the company respond to a matter like this, that is tearing up the social web and getting forwarded so quickly? I really look forward to seeing how they handle it! I presume they will lean on transparency and are likely emphasize that it’s been dealt with and the employees let go. There will also be the arbitrary need for them to explain what new protocol they’ve put in place to prevent this type of thing from happening again in the future to let us all know they take it very seriously.

  This story will probably fade into obscurity but they do need to respond now. Good luck, Dominos! I’m rooting for a good case study!