Social Media Day: Bringing Virtual to Reality

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Last year our trusty source for all things digital, Mashable, declared June 30th as Social Media Day. This day is to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social.

  Reasons Social Media Deserves its Own Day:

  1. Ability to connect and engage with creators of media.

  2. Gives voices to the voiceless

  3. Ability to receive information in real time

  4. And most importantly: The ability to stay connected with one another, even from thousands of miles away.

  Originally declared an official day in Victoria and then in Vancouver B.C., Social Media Day has spread to the United States. On June 22, 2011, Arizona and San Carlos California officially declared June 30th Social Media Day. Even though it is only official in limited areas, the day will be celebrated all around the world.

  So how can you celebrate this June 30th with all lovers of social media? By logging onto Mashable’s meet-up site and searching for a celebration in your area. Then remove yourself from your computer and smart phone and go be social!

  If you’re in the San Fran area, you can attend Mashable’s event at The House of Air. But if not, there is definitely a celebration closer than you think.