SlideRocket: Keynote in the Cloud

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Digital Surgeons is a fast moving organization within an even faster moving industry. As a digital marketing agency our success relies on the efforts of many different players within our company, and collaboration is a must-have. Digital Surgeons has utilized every imaginable platform for sharing our ideas with each other from chicken scratch on a note pad to in-depth powerpoint presentations. The stories that we need to tell during our presentations are much more than static. We’ve tried numerous tools from Powerpoint to Slideshare, but our choice platform for editing and delivering presentations is definitely SlideRocket.

  Sliderocket is a presentation platform which allows us to view, edit and create compelling presentations literally anywhere. Before Sliderocket we would constantly run into the same conundrum while creating presentations. We would build slide decks that had already been built by someone else and find out only when the work had been done. We can now view changes immediately, interchange slides from other presentations and everyone can have a hand in the final product.

  Powerpoint presentations live on a hard drive or in an email, Sliderocket exists in the cloud. Sharing a presentation is no longer a mess of email chains and revisions but rather a fluid process. We also never have to worry about hard drive crashes or transitioning work from one computer to the other.

  Sliderocket’s seamless integration of YouTube videos and twitter feeds allow our client meetings to come alive. Rather than just telling a story, Sliderocket’s support of rich media formats allows us to visually display our ideas.

  We have a lot of ideas floating around in our head’s constantly; sometimes there’s almost too much going on. We look forward to our partnership with Sliderocket because their technology allows us to share our ideas with the world. We are happy to say that with Sliderocket, our ideas look pretty damn good.