SERPS: Google Graduates and Why They Make a Difference

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I thought it was important to bring to light 2 Google Experiments that recently graduated from the Google Labs. These recent grads further emphasize the need for business to use organic and Local SEO.

1. GOOG-411: Allows users to access Google Local results without needing an internet connection. Simply call 800-GOOG-411, say your location, say what you are searching for and Google will provide you with the results straight from their Local Search Engine…it will even connect you and send you a text message with information about the business you selected.

What does that mean for you? NO MORE 411 CHARGES!

What does that mean for the businesses that have been charging us for years for free information? GOVERNMENT BAILOUT!

GOOG-411 Video

2. Google SMS: Gives users access to information without a internet connection by allowing you to send a text message with a specialized query to Google from your phone. This could be a query for a phone book listing, for the definition of a word, or for the square root of 12,345. Based on your query, Google determines the specific information you’re looking for and automatically returns the top results.

The only difference between Google SMS and search results is Google SMS does not have links to webpages.

Google SMS

Now i don’t think the Google SMS is going to force any companies into Chapter 11 just yet but its always fun to say the word “Government Bailout”.

In summation, Google continues to dominate the world by making the world connect to the information its seeking faster and with more ease.

All the more reason to get your businesses optimized for Google Local and Organic search results.

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