SEO:  Importance of Good Search Engine Optimization

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Is anyone else in the search engine marketing business surprised and baffled that the word “SEO” still seems to invoke instant defense mechanisms in business owners and marketing VIPs? Even with a world of published statistics that clearly demonstrate that the online public trusts organic search engine listings far more than pay per click ads, a large number of businesses continue to invest a highly disproportional amount of the marketing budget in sponsored advertisements rather than quality search strategies.

  Frequently I and my colleagues ask people how they search for something online. Do they pay attention to the little paid ads to the right of the results? In almost every case the response is that the pay per clicks ads are ignored and that attention is only given to the first page of search engine listings. Only about 2-4% of searchers ever click on the sponsored pay per click ads, while the vast majority of online consumers, over 85%, gravitate solely to the natural search engine results.

  In almost every situation, the most valuable asset for an internet business is high rankings in the organic search engine results for the keyword phrases that are most important for that industry. Combine great search engine positioning with a quality website that is built for the target audience and you have a winning combination. This makes an incredible foundation for building business success on the internet.

  Search engine optimization just makes good business success. Build a website with a good structure, great content, relevant links, and with the customer always in mind! The details of this process can best be delegated to an experienced SEO professional. If businesses can lower the wall of resistance long enough to listen, research, and consider the common sense aspects of SEO, they will profit enormously. A website should be found where customers are looking for services and products, and 85% of the time, they are looking in the organic search engine results.

  Unfortunately, many business owners and managers have experienced the disappointments and wastes of less than effective SEO companies that promise what they can not deliver. Many have tried to take advantage of $49.95 per month plans that promise the world and deliver next to nothing. For some reason, in the world of SEO, website owners continue to believe they can compete online and become prominent in their industries for little or no money. With any other traditional marketing strategy this does not seem to be the case.

  With good research into potential search engine optimization companies and a foundation of knowledge to base decisions on, businesses can find a reliable SEO company to help them reach their goals and receive an excellent return on their investment. The time and research that goes into choosing an SEO expert for your company is well worth the effort. Optimizing your website takes some time (6 to 12 months) but the rewards can be enormous. Traffic and sales can increase for the long term in a way that almost no other marketing vehicle can produce.

Pay per click bid management is an important marketing strategy when used in balance with other methods and for the correct circumstances. Other search engine marketing tactics such as media buying and social networking can also be quite fruitful and our agency helps clients in these arenas as well. An excellent search marketing campaign becomes the foundation businesses can rely on for the long-term and then can enhance with other strategies when the time is right. The most intelligent move is to make an allocation for search engine optimization in the marketing budget as the first priority of business.

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