SEO Expert: Does the Capitalization of Keywords Matter to Google?

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For nearly two years one of my clients resided at the number 1 position in Google for their strongest referring keywords. Competitors phone calls continued to pour in begging and pleading for us to become their SEO company so that they too could reap the benefits of top placement in the search engines. That was until about last week.

  I was discussing top keyword placement with a prospective client when I opened up Google and did a search. To my dismay our number 1 position was gone. Knowing how volatile search engines could be I said “This happens from time to time. Keywords placements will bounce up or down, a position or two , or more.” So I scanned down the Google search results expecting to find the clients position somewhere on the first page….second page….fourth page. Uh Oh! Could it be possible that they have been banned? Never in my company's existence have any of our clients been penalized for any of our proven search engine optimization techniques.

  This situation was perplexing. I called into our SEO department and brought the situation to the attention of our SEO experts. They were not sure of why this was happening at first glance. Are we overreacting? Are we just in the midst of a Google Algorithm Change? another Data Center Switch?

  While they were working diligently to figure out the mysterious drop in the rankings I continued to do my own investigations. What I found was Google was paying attention to the capitalization of keywords. Our clients keywords are state specific therefore we had used capital N-ew York City in the meta data.

  In early 2007 Google showed signs of becoming more critical of the usage of capital letters. That didn’t last very long, though.

  Has Google again recharged their efforts in separating searches that use Caps vs. No Caps?

  Well, as I was writing this blog post I did another search for my clients keyword and this time they are back at the top. Using caps or not their keywords have returned to the number 1 position.

  Ugh! I hate Google! I would keep an eye out for keyword capitalization in meta tags, and content going forward. It is going to be like waiting for Y2K again.

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