Search Engine Marketing Question of the Month!

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Each month we are sharing questions we hear with our friends and clients. If we’re getting asked, that must mean other people are wondering too! So without further ado….

Why shouldn’t I just do my Pay Per Click myself????

  There are many different variables that can affect a PPC, or Pay Per Click campaign. We’ve been asked why people shouldn’t just manage their campaigns themselves. That’s a great question; so below, we’ve highlighted just a few items to let you know how experience, knowledge, and more time than you want to spend are required for success in pay per click campaigns.

  1. Choosing keywords is not as easy as it seems.
Knowing what key words get trafficked vs. what words can actually convert requires testing and knowledge.

  2. Google places focus on click through rate. This means you’re paying for more clicks. Your focus should be on conversion rate and eCPA (effective cost per acquisition)!

  3. A/B Split testing – Your text ads and your landing pages can be tested to decrease your effective cost per acquisition and increase your click thru rate and conversion rate. What this means simply you’ll need someone who knows how to compare ads and landing pages against one another simultaneously in order to properly decipher which combination gives you the optimum mix.

  4. Day parting – knowing what time of day to bid and how much. This can change from 9-5, 24/7, weekdays vs. weekends, etc.

  5. Geo-targeting – allows you to choose states, cities, regions, even latitude and longitude lines.

  6. Knowing the language – did you know that search, search network, and content network all refer to entirely different things? They are dramatically different. For example, Search refers to Google, Search Network is any site that utilizes a google search bar (such as myspace) and content network is any site that allows google ads to be placed on it through their adsenss programs, which is based on contextual targeting.
So where are you placing your ad? Is that where you meant it to go?

  7. Click fraud – Yes, it happens, and it’s just like it sounds. You’re paying to be a victim if you’re being hit. Would you know if it was happening to you? A good agency knows how to detect and get refunds for click fraud.

  8. Crossing the streams – Your agency can apply strategies and tactics proven to work for other clients and in other industries.

  9. Trend knowledge – Keeping up with the latest trends that let you know what is converting the highest ROI isn’t your job! It’s OUR job!

  We hope you found this list helpful. Of course if you have more questions please get in touch with us!