Search Engine Marketing: Google shows businesses how to get action.

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Google announced the release of their latest Adwords product Pay Per Action. This new advertising product challenges marketers to figure out exactly what the desired action is that they want their ads to result in and what its worth to their business.

  During the tenure of Pay Per Click advertising aka sponsored link marketing Google’s most daunting task was dealing with Click fraud. With the latest implementation of Pay Per Action marketing, marketers and advertisers need not worry any more. After all it’s highly unlikely that a jealous competitor or fraudster is likely to complete a transaction using their credit card information.

  Pay Per Action Marketing campaigns will be shown on Google’s content network. The website controller or publisher in the network can choose which pay-per-action ads they feel are relevant to their site based on the company, the product, the desired action(s) and the offer the advertiser has put forth for them.

  While the rules remain similar to the Pay Per Click model that Google Adwords has offered in the past, the outcome is very different. Google’s Pay Per Action allows you to pay for results. Whether the action is a sign-up to a news letter or a purchase of a product or service, you only pay when the action is completed.

  It’s a lead generation/affiliate network marketing style of advertising that I am sure will upset many competing businesses like Pay Junction, Clickbank and Clickbooth.