Samsung, Nokia Aimed to Unseat Apple

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This Week’s Top Story:

  Nokia, the world’s largest seller of mobile phones by volume, presented a slew of new devices this week, from Windows-run, high-end Lumia smartphones to lower budget Asba devices. There are two Lumia models (710 and 800) and four Asba models (303, 200, 201, and 200), with the Lumia 800 serving as the flagship model. Nokia calls it the “first real Windows phone,” running on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango with an 8 megapixel camera and durable exterior. Nokia intends for the Lumia line to rival handsets from Apple and Samsung.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Samsung pulled ahead of Apple in Q3 for largest mobile phone maker by revenue, selling 28 million phones in the quarter.

  Music industry game-changer, the iPod, celebrated its’ 10th anniversary this week. It has certainly been an eventful 10 years!

  Netflix faced huge deficits this quarter in the form of the loss of 800,000 customers and a 27% plummet in stocks.

  Google released Chrome 15, which included a newly designed Chrome App Store.

  Facebook is looking to expand Credits as a form of payment across the web. It was announced on their developer blog that they would be testing how it worked on other websites with the intention of creating “a more unified app experience to users beyond apps on Facebook.”

  Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography was released this week, including quotes on other tech giants, inspiration and details of his possible “one last thing” – the Apple TV.

  RIM is facing a class-action lawsuit by Canadian citizens who lost e-mail access for three days due to the Blackberry outages in mid-October.

Be on the Lookout: is looking to bring chat capability to Twitter, and hoping to catch the eyes of top execs who are aiming to keep users on the site longer.

  Google is going to launch Google Music, which is currently in beta, in the next two weeks or so. The public version will reportedly feature mp3 downloads and heavy Google + integration.