Pump the Brakes! Why Brands Need to Avoid the Pitfalls of Check-the-box Marketing

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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A lot of brands and companies today are doing what I call “check-the-box marketing.” They say to themselves, “We need to be on Snapchat. We need to be on Meerkat. We need predictive marketing. We need connected tech and an app.” They get caught up in wanting to be involved in every new tool or concept they hear about so they can “check the box” that yes, they've got that one!

Sometimes brands get so drawn to the shiny and new they forget to think about who their audience is right now and — more importantly — who their audience will be tomorrow. They're not thinking deeply enough about their customers' wants and needs. They're grabbing onto social media platforms or other marketing tools without any real strategy or purpose to guide them.