PPC ROI: Increasing Conversion Percentage

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From The Big Leagues to the All Stars

  With 6.4 Billion searches performed per month on the major search engines, there are a lot of people looking, self educating, and buying up everything and anything you can think to sell. With Pay Per Click platforms such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Overture, any business can compete for their share of the marketplace. Unfortunately, reaching these people has never been harder. Google and Yahoo make it extremely easy to set up and begin a PPC campaign, and because of ease of use, so many people have jumped on board. Increasing your Pay Per Click ROI is the next step after getting on the Adwords bandwagon.

  There are a good number of smart business owners who have chosen to optimize their website for the search engines, but even still, they can’t deny the power of PPC. These little ads provide instant placement for even the most competitive key terms. For a small dollar amount per click, people can find the product or service they are looking for, and enter your site to purchase. But is setting up your Pay Per Click advertising campaign enough? Finding out the hard way that your ads don’t attract enough attention can be very costly, and as every ghost click starts to pull at your pockets, finding ways to increase your conversion percentage, and get more out of your pay per click becomes important.

  Writing your PPC ads to sell seems like commonplace, but there is more than one way to catch someone’s eye on a search engine results page. Big, bold lettering alone isn’t enough, but when accompanied by a customer incentive program, may be more appealing to a potential customer. The trick is to write your PPC ads as if they were being broadcast on the side of a major highway, and the shopper only had a three or five second window to get as much information as possible before driving on. What’s needed in a properly written pay per click ad are clear, easy to understand calls to action, such as a full contact number, a small incentive, such as free shipping, and a properly laid out landing page. The landing page is the most important of the three, and is also the most neglected.

  Once you get a customer to click on your costly little ad, they are redirected to your website. This redirect should be pushing them to a specific product page, rather than just the homepage. Ensure that their trip is a short one, with as few clicks as possible needed for them to be face to face with their search result, and give the potential customer absolutely no reason to hit that dreadful back button. A lot of pay per click ads I’ve seen direct the customer to the home page, even if my searches are not in any way related. Customizing your landing pages to eliminate the guesswork of finding the product will allow your PPC ads to be more effective.

  After redesigning all of your ads, and customizing your landing pages on a more specific basis, all that’s left to do, is monitor your ads for the next three months to see how effective your efforts have been, and tweaking anywhere you fall short. This is something that a pay per click bid management team could handle for you, as you should have better things to do than sit and watch your dollars dwindle.

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