#newtwitter Takes Flight

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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On Thursday, Twitter announced and began implementing a pretty new redesign for Twitter.com. The sleek new design reorganizes the profile page, with the user’s basic information across the top, including profile picture, info, and number of followers, following and lists. Directly under the main header is what was traditionally a users feed (now home) which includes tweets from the user. On the left sidebar are clickable links out to view “followers” “following,” “favorites,” “lists” and “recent images,” as well as a panel for “Similar to you.”


  The new homepage has been redesigned in a similar format. There is no main header, but the main right column features tweets from followed users. The left sidebar has a box to tweet from, a panel of suggested “People to Follow” and a list of “Trending Topics.” In the new Twitter design, all of the panels are broken out into boxes An exciting feature is that media (i.e. photos, videos, Foursquare posts) can be viewed within the timeline. In fact, the entire experience of a tweet opening to the right has completely disappeared. Instead, only clicking on a user opens a new window, which displays a preview of the user (description, number of followers, and the three most recent tweets) and a prompt to follow. A user can continue to that profile by clicking “See more Tweets.”

  Another big change is in the main navigation bar. “Home” directs back to the main feed and “Connect” displays mentions and interactions within Twitter. The new “Discover” button lays out top stories with relevant media or links out to full articles. The new redesign will eventually allow for brand pages, which will allow for custom headers and images. The brand can also choose to stick a particular tweet to the top of the feed, which will apparently auto-expand to display media. For the time being, these brand page features are displayed by launch partners such as American Express.

  Android and iPhone users got an update as well. The new smartphone apps are equally clean and easy to navigate. The bottom navigation has been consolidated into four simple tabs: “Home,” “Connect,” “Discover,” and “Me.” User search has been moved to the “Connect” panel, whereas topic search lives within the “Discover” tab. Overall, the new design is much more intuitive, especially in a mobile environment.

  Nice job, Twitter.