NBC glued to social bandwagon?

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Boost your television experience with rewards for watching your favorite programs live. NBC Universal recently signed a deal with entertainment check-in site GetGlue to provide motivation for viewers to watch shows on MSNBC, USA, and Syfy.

  GetGlue is a website and application that allows users to check-in to different types of Internet. Listening to the new Kings of Leon cd? Watching the finale of Jersey Shore? Check in on GetGlue and get rewards. Rewards are generally virtual stickers, but can also be bonus merchandise from a partner company or discounts. GetGlue will also generate recommendations based on your preferences and show you what friends are listening to/watching/reading.

  Social Check-ins on the Rise

  NBC already has a standing relationship with GetGlue. Universal Pictures signed on to the idea early in the process, and USA collaborated with Get Glue on the television show Psych. The 30 networks that work with GetGlue include HBO and Showtime, along with 8 motion pictures companies and Xbox. The video game relationship in January 2011 was a huge breakthrough for the company.

  GetGlue has also started allowing for checkins during sports events and has created ties with every major sports network except for ESPN. Users can get stickers for the watching NCAA championship, Stanley Cup, soccer games, MLB games, and numerous others.

  The company considered “Foursquare for Entertainment” has actually integrated the original checkin system. The setting is not by default, but is available for users who want to check in to a location, and spread the word on what they are watching, for example when going to the movie theater.

  Currently, GetGlue is averaging 12 million reviews and check-ins per month, according to Mashable. Founded in November 2009, the company has made significant progress and now boasts about 900,000 users.

  Users can check-in on the website, or using their iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

  Bring it Back to Live Broadcasts

  Reuters reports that GetGlue has actually produced a bump in rating of participating networks. However the big question is whether this will continue to correlate to a steady rise in live broadcast viewership.

  GetGlue is not the only program of its kind utilizing the check-in phenomenon. While it hit success over the summer with HBO’s True Blood (the show accumulated 3,000 check-ins during one episode), competition is still on the rise. Miso and Phiso, both television check-in applications, have acquired similar success. Miso signed a January deal with the Oprah Winfrey Network, on top of its’ relationship with TNT.

  Any of the three can pull up as the champion of entertainment checkins, but it remains to be seen whether being number will matter much. The goal is increasing live broadcast viewership, or networks will be checking out.