Move Over Football Game, I Can’t See the Advertising #Brandbowl

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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We cannot wait for this years Superbowl. We only wish the football game doesn’t get in the way of the great advertising. This year the hype is really getting crazy with the introduction of Brandbowl2011 – A fantasy advertising game that will judge the twittersphere reaction based on a broad database of keywords and sentiment in tweets.

  According to the ‘how to’ section: Brand Bowl was built to gauge public reaction to the brands advertising during the Super Bowl. By monitoring Twitter, we can measure people’s opinions and rank the brands accordingly. The brand with the top “Brand Bowl score” on Sunday night will be the winner of Brand Bowl 2011, and is allowed to date the head cheerleader.

  This year all the advertising behemoths are back. If you remember last year Pepsi chose to save the 20 million they would have spent in ads and opted to do the social/philanthropic Pepsi Refresh Challenge where they gave the money away.

  According to an adage article that got them 2,843,824,480 earned impressions as of Oct. 13 amongst a slew of PR attention.

  We also heard deal-of-the-day sites Groupon and LivingSocial have bought spots for the Superbowl as well. I guess you do need advertising to be a social commerce company.

  Be sure to tweet your ad critique’s tomorrow and use the hashtag #brandbowl