Mobile advertising changes with Apples’ announcement of iAd

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Multitasking comes to the iPhone! With this important new feature, a new user experience emerges and an important development is made in the world of advertising. Gone are the days when clicking on an advertisement forces you to navigate away from your app and into your browser. Today, Apple introduced the new iAd platform that will be built into iPhone OS 4.0. With iAd, advertisements will be embedded within iPhone applications. This means that users will be able to view the ads without leaving the current application.

  The arrival of iAd will change mobile advertisement dramatically. These interactive ads won’t disrupt the users current working application. This gives them more incentive to click when it pops up because they will not be “yanked” out of what they are doing. Apple claims that mobile ads as we know them are going to get a lot more interactive. The ads will also be displayed based on relevancy within a specific app. Google better watch out as Apple brings on some tough competition for hosting advertisements.

  The new iAd platform has created a huge buzz for all companies seeking the best marketing strategies. With the arrival of multitasking, there are many more options available to market a product in creative and engaging ways. Digital Surgeons’ portfolio demonstrates our ability to create high quality designs and generate inventive marketing techniques. We strive to keep up with the latest developments in new media and we are planning to use iAds to their fullest potential for our clients.

  Our award winning designers and developers at Digital Surgeons are looking towards the future of advertising with iAd. We have experience in developing innovative and unique ways to reach an audience. Stay on top of technology and contact Digital Surgeons or call us at (203) 672 – 6201 to begin designing a custom iAd to suit your marketing needs!