Miss Piggy Says “Follow Moi” on Google+ Pages

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This Week’s Top Story

  Google Plus launched their brand pages this week with a slew of brands that quickly jumped on the bandwagon including Macy’s, Pepsi, The Muppets and a number of other companies, brands and universities. This move comes several months after Google asked all brands to remove themselves from the social network and wait for the full brand experience. The pages are intuitive to Google Plus users as many of the features and capabilities are the same. But as with the rest of Google Plus, the opportunities remain endless. For example, doing a Google search for “+Pepsi” will connect you to the brand’s page, ask you to add that brand to your circle and prompt you to make this behavior automatic. Enabling this ‘Direct Connect’ feature will automatically add a brand to your circle for each “+BrandName” search. (Note: This only seems to work when searching from Google.com, not in search bars. It’s also limited to the bigger brands that signed on from the start) Integration of this nature could easily occur across other Google properties, including Analytics.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Abobe is will no longer be accommodating new mobile browsers to work with Flash and is effectively killing off the product for mobile and HDTV.

  Disney and YouTube are teaming up to present original short videos on a co-branded YouTube channel in an attempt to attract a younger audience to YouTube and increase Disney’s web presence.

  The Firefox 8 update was released Thursday with the usual security and performance updates, with the biggest change being built-in Twitter search capabilities.

  It was released this week that there are no development plans to bring Siri to older iPhone devices, despite rumors (and wishful thinking) since the iPhone 4S announcement.

Be on the Lookout:

  Wahooly, a new startup working closely with Klout, is looking to provide social-influencers with high Klout scores to get equity stake in startups.

  Apple pushed their first iOS 5 update this week, a monumental event for two reasons. First, it acknowledged and fixed bugs that are sucking the device’s battery life. Second, it was the first ever wireless software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

  HTC will be bringing Android 4.0 (codename Ice Cream Sandwich) to new devices being released in early 2012.