Lunch log: a surprise meat at the Polish Paradise

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Today, we had an unexpected staff meeting at Wozniak’s Meat Market on Grand Avenue. Hilarity ensued when we realized that we had all pretty much decided that was the place to be spontaneously. Below is a list of attendees, what they purchased, and what would have been a better use of their time:


  • Chris – Kielbasa sandwich – should have been coding something awesome

  • Aaron – Potato salad, white chocolate bar – should have been creating navigation rather than navigating himself to a deli. It was also noted there is no cocoa in white chocolate.

  • Geoff – all I got was a A&W soda – this was clearly just an excuse to get up and out of the office for a few minutes. I should have been learning something about video editing and servicing a client.

  • Jeff T. – HUGE bottle of water – should have been making calls to prospective new clients. His purchase also serves as an excuse for another break later because he will inevitably have to use the restroom.

  • Cheryl – Coffee – time could have been spent optimizing copy on a web site for search. shame shame shame….

  • Lee – Ginger Ale – some bill is probably not getting paid because of this “break”. Pathetic.

  I think we all learned something at this meeting. Go team!