Leveraging Agile Ways of Working & Design Thinking to Create a Culture of Content

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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As agencies, we all create great content for our clients every day. But all too often internal content that shares our thinking, promotes our work, or codifies team learning and culture falls on the shoulders of a select few (who probably have to crank it out on nights and weekends). And even worse, once it gets published, it isn’t even shared, consumed, or engaged with by other members of the team.

Peter Sena, our Founder and CCO at Digital Surgeons, lead a HubSpot webinar that taught agencies and marketing teams how to create an internal culture of content that drives marketing, business development, and facilitates rapid knowledge transfer amongst teams by scaling learning and development. Using A(a)gile ways of working and the principles and practices of design thinking, any agency or team can implement a culture of content that drives business growth.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • What is Design Thinking?
  • How its principles drive better content
  • A framework that ensures your content is trend-worthy, relevant to customers, and presents your unique value proposition.  
  • Tricks for better ideation
  • Tools for creating editorial calendars
  • How to Gamestorm. Peter will share his 50/50 method.   

To engage today’s consumers in the modern digital landscape, every brand and business must act like a media company. Creating content that entertains or educates is no longer a nice-to-have, but a barrier to entry. Particularly for brands, businesses, and agencies that may find it hard to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

It is important to note that creating content that showcases a unique perspective within your agency not only drives valuable interactions with consumer and/or potential partners but codifies that learning internally. Build a library of thought leadership and your internal teams and external partners will benefit.   

Learn how to create an internal culture of content and the tools and connections that will ensure success.