Lasting Digital Transformation Is Tech-Powered but Human-Led

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Legacy, “analog” organizations are scared — and for a good reason. After all, a meteor of rapid digital change is barreling towards them threatening to destroy everything they’ve built.

This meteor, at least as I imagine it, is ridden by Elon Musk and carries the weight of each and every digital disruptor in their industry powered by exponential advancements in tech. These disruptors are building products unencumbered by existing business models that are designed with only one goal in mind, to provide unforgettable experiences that live where the modern consumer expects them to — whether that’s in their pocket or purse, a pop-up shop, within a VR helmet, or some proto combination of all of the above.   

Modern businesses need to be in a constant state of digital transformation to adapt, upgrade, and compete in an ever-changing connected landscape.

But fear not, organizational stakeholder, because it is not technological advancement that wins the digital transformation arms race: It’s an understanding of your consumer.

True digital transformation lies at the intersection of human psychology and tech where the experience of your customer is all that matters.

What will save organizations from the hyperbolic digital doomsday I described is an understanding that technology at its best enhances human capability; it doesn’t replace it.

I’ve outlined five crucial steps to drive a tech-powered, human-led transformation.