Is Twitter The World’s Leading Q&A Platform?

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Around 3 million questions are asked on Twitter each month, and the questions range from tech support and product recommendation requests to job and relationship advice, as well as pleas for new music. So what exactly are folks asking? As this cool infographic shows, during the month of April:

  o 13% ask about products or product recommendations

  o 12% seek technical support

  o 11% want local suggestions

  o 8% ask entertainment-related questions

  o 6% have a sports query

  o 6% of the questions are health-related

  o 5% deal with music

  o 5% are career- or workplace-oriented (e.g. “What should I do about the heavy breather in the next cubicle?)

  “I love companies that use Twitter for Q&A,” one reader commented. “It’s a public facing, huge reach, and very simple to use. Companies that are missing Twitter as a tool for Q&A are missing a substantial opportunity.” Another reader expressed her preference for Twitter to show the question on top, followed by the replies of only those people she follows – certainly a useful option.