Intern Diaries: Alyssa DellaCamera

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The interns that walk through our doors don’t fetch coffee, they experience our full Digital Surgeons University program, work on client projects and contribute to the DS environment. Our interns are awesome, and we wanted to show them some love in our newest blog series. We caught up with some DS interns that found permanent positions in our office or used the skills they learned here to secure a job elsewhere.

“My internship at Digital Surgeons allowed me to develop skills that I continue to use on a daily basis.”

  During the three months I spent as a marketing and writing intern at Digital Surgeons, I acquired invaluable digital marketing skills that helped me land a job post college graduation. From SEO and social media marketing to writing for an online audience and link building, my internship at Digital Surgeons allowed me to develop skills that I continue to use on a daily basis.

  Currently, I work for Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency, Inc., a New Hampshire insurance agency, as our Internet Marketing Specialist. From our blog and many social media pages to on- and off-page SEO for our website, I handle all of our digital marketing initiatives. Writing press releases, creating advertisements for community events we sponsor, and completing small web design projects are also among my job responsibilities. Without my Digital Surgeons internship, I would have lacked the skills needed to complete many of these tasks.

  Working at Digital Surgeons not only prepared me for a career in the Internet marketing industry, but it also introduced me to a positive professional work environment. The employees at Digital Surgeons worked well together, creating an inspiring atmosphere in the sense that they taught us new things, and seemed genuinely excited about it. Everyone seemed to have a great sense of humor and would joke around, which made the work environment enjoyable (but still professional).

  I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to intern at Digital Surgeons – an experience that played a significant role in preparing me for a career in the digital marketing industry. My internship equipped me with an excellent foundation of marketing and writing skills that has allowed me to not only get a job (and one I enjoy) but also to further develop these techniques and excel in my position. I attribute many of the skills my current job requires to Digital Surgeons, where I began learning and practicing them.

  Alyssa DellaCamera
Marketing & Writing Internship, Fall 2010