I found the best chiropractors in NYC and Milford, CT

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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I just had to blog about these two great chiropractors that I go to.
Since I spend a lot of time in both Connecticut and New York City I figured I needed one in each state to help with my back and neck pain.
I work at my desk as most marketers do; usually spending more than 12+ hours straight. If I’m not at my desk I’m often in my car or on metro-north traveling to and from meetings. I find that this lifestyle and the fact that I am too lazy to stretch for 10 minutes a day is the cause of my extremely tight back and neck.

  I have always been a big fan of chiropractic because of my belief that pills and pain medication only hide pain and problems. The only way to truly fix a problem with your back or neck is to look beneath the surface or the case of the chiropractors feel beneath the surface.

  A few months ago while on the train to New York City, I read about this treatment called Active Release Technique (A.R.T.). It was interesting to learn how effective the combination of traditional chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue treatment such as A.R.T could be. When I got back to my office and Googled this approach I came across an article about the Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and how he insisted upon this particular combination of therapy when he joined the Phillies. Now I am a HUGE New York Mets fan, so the last thing I want to blog about are the World Champion Phillies (arggh!), but do you think its just coincidence that the year after Hamels demanded his team add a chiropractor, they win the World Series? Especially after a 28 year drought?
Recently I learned of two chiropractors that practice A.R.T. One is in New York City on 35th and Park Avenue and the other is in my neck of the woods in Milford, CT on Cherry Street.

  These two chiropractors are the best I’ve ever been treated by. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been to some good chiros before. In fact I went to the University of Bridgeport and they have one of the best chiropractic and naturopathic schools in the nation…So I know what’s good!

  I feel great these days…They have given me stretches to perform at home that are good for upkeep and I felt so good when I left today that I wanted to blog about their chiropractic and use of Active Release Techniques.