How Uber Is Rewiring Your Customer’s Brain and What You Can Do About It

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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If you think your company doesn’t have anything to do with the growing on-demand economy and that you’re immune to it, think again.

We all know about the tremendous growth in this sector. Uber is valued at over $50 billion. The value of online food ordering has surpassed phone ordering. And angel investors and VC firms have poured over $9 billion into this sector since 2010.

In addition to Uber, that money is going to companies like Instacart, Postmates, Hotel Tonight, Netflix, and Zeel, which are creating a dramatic shift in how consumers use a tap on a screen to request and order food, packages, lodging, movies, and even massages.

Good for them, you might be thinking. We sell white goods. We’re a lifestyle brand. We’re strictly bricks-and-mortar and location dependent. There’s not an on-demand disruptor in our vertical to worry about.

But that doesn’t matter, because something more fundamental is happening in commerce that will affect the relationship between your brand and your customer, no matter what business you are in.

Uber is rewiring your customer’s brain. Along with Amazon’s Dash buttons, and a growing ecosystem of “do-it-now” apps, Uber is turning consumers into on-demand thinkers, even when there is no on-demand product to choose from. It’s changing how consumers relate to every company.

Arguably, these new services are responding to a change in the customer that has already happened, but whether the chicken or the egg came first doesn’t matter. What matters is that your customers are done waiting for your website to load, for your product to ship, for your customer service representatives to pick up the phone, and for your cashiers to say, “Next in line, please.”

Your brand needs to think about how Uber is rewiring your customer’s brain or you risk losing the connection — and missing an opportunity to make new connections.