How to Turn Your Facebook Profile Into a Fan Page

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Do you wish that people could “like” you on Facebook instead of having to “friend” you? Well, Facebook is offering a way to make that happen by converting your profile into a fanpage. Mashable reports that Facebook’s new conversion tool will permanently turn a profile into a Page in just a few clicks.

  A quick review: profiles are for people. Pages are for businesses, brands, pet turtles, your tribute to Justin Bieber, and yes – people. So, a person can have a profile and a page, but a business for example, cannot have a profile. A business must have a page.

  If someone wants to friend you on Facebook, they go through your profile. This is a mutual relationship. If someone wants to connect with you, and you don’t know who they are, they can connect with you via a page by “Liking it.”

  The migration only covers converting your friends to “Likes” so you’ll first want to backup and download all of your photos, videos and wall posts using the recently added download feature found by going to Account->Account Settings->Download Your Information and clicking “learn more.”

  We’re glad that Facebook is finally offering this tool, because in the past there have been plenty of people who had a good reason to make the profile-to-Page switch but no way to do it — unless they were personal friends of a Facebook staff member. Those people include businesses or public figures that set up regular profiles before Pages were available or individuals who hit the 5,000 friends limit and needed more wiggle room.