How to be a Digital Surgeon, February 2013

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Whether it’s things we shared, wrote or were inspired by… here’s what made us tick in the month of February!

  1) Hi, we’re Digital Surgeons, and we’re addicted to meetings. We’re currently 90 days clean of pointless meetings, but sometimes we still think about sending calendar invites to co-workers for no real reason. Harvard Business Review helped us, and maybe it can help you, overcome your addiction to meetings.

  2) Stressing about an upcoming design interview? Trying to land your first job? Or maybe you’re a freelancer trying to get back into the stable employment game. The design team at Digital Surgeons has been in all of the above situations at some point in their career. Some of them have even been on the other side of the table doing the hiring. It’s through these collective experiences we were able to put together a comprehensive list of tips for Design Instruct on how to ace a design interview.

  3) Until we are all replaced by robots (could be sooner rather than later), humans will only be able to perform one task at a time. So what happens when you need a designer to do a website for one client and a logo for another? Enter the moral dilema of resource thievery that project managers face daily, as evidenced in this Dilbert comic. Also, you should take time to poke around the rest of the blog. It has some really great writing on the topic of digital project management.

  4) We’re never too proud to tip our hat to great digital campaigns even if we may not have been behind them. This campaign from Ray-Ban is one of those examples. It is perfectly on brand and combines mobile, social, digital and experiential. Everything we like to see.

  5) Have you met our Tech Director, Chris Fidao? If not, you should. On top of being relentlessly hilarious, he is also incredibly skilled at his craft and always willing to teach. He demonstrates that passion for teaching with his tutorial on creating restful APIs in Laravel4 for Net Tuts.

  6) Where does the future of E-commerce lie? For those in the know, they realize there is a land of opportunity in digital video. Making videos “shoppable” drastically increases the chances of a sale and it is still in it’s infancy. Here’s a look at a few of the technologies available and where the industry is going in this Agency Post article.

  7) Our mad scientist and director of interactive, Aaron Sherrill, offers some tips on how to not overuse Jquery in your development projects.

  8) Fast Company shows us what a startup needs to be successful in 2013… A couple of internet famous tweens talking about it. How much does it cost to buy children these days?

  9) The devil is always in the details, and here are some great details on how to prepare your images for the web. Why design something beautiful only to have the images look subpar?

  10) Pete Sena spends the small amount of time he isn’t working or sleeping combing the internet for new tools and resources. He forgoes a normal social life and sleep cycle for the benefit of others; a digital Mother Teresa if you will. Here are the resources Pete found for designers and front-end developers last month. The man is a saint, and all he asks for in return is a quick follow on Twitter.