How Often Does Google Change Algorithms?

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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I am often asked Why does it take so long to gain visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages of Google. While SEO is ongoing process and can’t be done over night.

  On October 22nd during a Q&A session with some of the Google Folks it was mentioned that Google made over 450 changes to their Search Algorithms in 2007. This statistic was derived from an earlier article/interview with search guru Udi Manber.

  Manber once with Amazon and Yahoo is now the vice president in charge of search quality for Google.

  This is a good thing for user searching for the very best results but a bad thing for Internet Marketers looking to increase or maintain visibility through search engines.

  In summation, search engine optimizers need to stay on their toes and always be aware of the latest search engine algorithms.