Digital Experience Design: How Challenger Brands Use Digital Design to Run with the Big Dogs

Businesses that directly engage customers in face-to-face environments — including retailers, travel and hospitality companies, restaurants, and banks — are making significant technology investments in online assets in hopes of building a platform for driving growth and delivering unique and impactful customer experiences. 

Challenger brands, in particular, are using digital owned media challenges to compete with the larger, better funded established brands they compete with. Our clients are able to amplify the demand they generate by designing superior digital experiences that make the most of the owned channel assets — data, websites, analytics, and content — they have already invested in.

New and emerging brands realize they cannot outspend the likes of P&G, Coty, and GEICO in paid media channels. More importantly, they understand that investing in a superior digital experience is the absolute best investment in terms of generating demand, building brand equity, and enterprise value.

The digital experience directly impacts both growth and company value in terms of brand equity but also margin, customer equity, and cost of customer acquisition.

As a practical matter, marketing managers are focusing on designing superior digital experiences because it’s a core part of their job. Most marketers now have direct responsibility for eCommerce (62%) and digital customer experience technology, according to Gartner.

So the big question marketers need to answer is —  if there are over 12 million e-commerce storefronts online and most of your customers (including 95% of millennials) are looking for them – does your digital experience stand out?

Our digital experience design team will build a digital experience that maximizes the growth and value you create from your investment in digital assets.  We get such exceptional results because years of experience have taught us the importance of balancing and optimizing the critical trade-offs marketers face when designing their digital experiences.

  1. We understand the importance of delivering a consistent message and unified brand experience while at the same time allowing individual business units the freedom to customize and experiment to better serve their local markets;
  2. We can design a simple, intuitive, compelling and error-free customer experience with a minimum of supporting labor, custom content and support costs; 
  3. We maximize profitable growth at every stage of the customer journey by balancing high levels of customer demand generation with the conversion, commerce and customer care that drives profit growth.

See how our digital experience design drove 70% year-over-year holiday sales growth for a luxury retail brand.  

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