FTC Continues the Good Fight for Online Privacy

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This Week’s Top Story:

  Facebook has never been the shining example of privacy, but this week marks a change in policy as the FTC and the European Union stepped in to address the concerns of the social networks 800 million users. Facebook and the FTC were able to reach a settlement, which includes a 20 year agreement that forces Facebook to be more consistent about protecting users. Zuckerberg said the company has already been making efforts towards alleviating some of the grievances previously put forth by the FTC. A major part of the agreement calls for privacy audits every two years. Similarly, the European Union is working on legislation that will address similar concerns by European users. This would not only insure some degree of privacy and set new data protection laws, but it would also allow for more consistency across the 27 member countries.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  YouTube has replaced their previous video analytics program, InSight, with a new system that has been completely redesigned and focuses more attention on engagement numbers.

  Carrier IQ, a software that apparently logs user activity and possibly sends said information to the Carrier IQ servers, has stirred up a major controversy as users express outrage that this program is not only hidden, it cannot be uninstalled or edited by users.

  Online sales numbers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday blew past last year’s sales numbers, with Cyber Monday spending alone reaching $1.25 billion.

  Spotify announced this week that they would be launching a platform to provide developers the ability to create extra features using the Spotify library. The platform launched with partner apps such as Last.fm and Rolling Stone for music discovery and Tunes Wiki for lyrics.

  Google Chrome is now the second most popular browser, falling just behind Internet Explorer.

  A recent infographic floating around indicates that a shocking 18.4 million people found their current jobs through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  After years of providing teens with pirated music, Napster has been purchased by Rhapsody and will cease existence.

Be On the Lookout:

  Foursquare announced this week that it would map locations that offer free Wi-Fi.

  Google maps now offers maps of indoor locations for Android users.

  Google is in the process of ditching their signature black bar in favor of a design that allows for further Google Plus integration and provides easy access to different Google properties.