From Personalized To Predictive: How To Harness The Next Big Boom In Experience

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Marketers have been trying to master personalization since the moment the gesture-driven interfaces and small screens of mobile devices rendered desktop customizations useless.  

Who’s my audience? How do I personalize the creative? How do I personalize the offer? How do I figure out how to engage consumers in a more meaningful way? What can I show that’s going to drive purchase?

Amazon wrote the book on personalization, using the comprehensive shopping data they have about each consumer to personalize everything from their homepage to the offers they receive—all with the goal to drive purchase behavior and increase loyalty.

But just as personalization made customization look trite, smart(er) AI powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) engines is poised to replace the personalized with the predicted in our user experience.

Empowered by machine learning and natural language processing we can distill the unprecedented amount of consumer behavioral data now available to form predictive analytics that can begin to make sense of today’s fragmented consumer journey. When paired with advances in automation technology, these predictive analytics allow us to deliver tailored consumer experiences in real-time that put the personalized to shame.