Facebook’s Eighth Birthday Gift: A $5 Billion IPO

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This Week’s Top Story:

  The big news lately has been Facebook’s $5 billion IPO this week. The move, which is being lead by Morgan Stanley, comes just in time for Facebook’s eighth birthday. While Zuck’s salary will take a little dip to $1/year, he will own 28 percent of the company’s shares. The company is expected to go public in May.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Our brand new app, ShootLocal, just launched for iPhone users! ShootLocal is a utility for photographers and videographers to save, share and discover new locations while easing the location scouting process.

  Anonymous strikes against this week by releasing a confidential FBI call with British Scotland Yard and posting the entire audio recording on YouTube.

  President Obama’s Startup America initiative aims to provide tax breaks for startup companies in hopes of generating new jobs and fueling the economy.

  In an effort by the government to continue to hinder online piracy, 16 sports piracy websites got removed this week just before Superbowl Sunday

  A recent study shows that new startup Pinterest trumps Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn as a referral site, falling just below Twitter with 3.6 percent of referral traffic.

Be On the Lookout:

  Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo) will be a huge update for users and will likely include NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to allow wallet functionality and other exciting new features.

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