Facebook Fan Pages Disappeared-Businesses are Angry

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Recently we noticed that Fan Pages on Facebook have been disappearing with no explanation. These pages cannot be found through a vanity URL, search, or profiles. We did some investigation and apparently this has been happening on and off since July.

  We reached out to Facebook and this is what they has to say.


  Thanks for your report. Some users have been experiencing difficulty logging into and using the site for several days. Specific symptoms of this issue include:

  • Inability to log in due to a “Site Maintenance” error message
• Missing friends from the Friends page
• Errors when trying to access Inbox

  Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date for when this issue will be resolved, but we are working to fix it as soon as possible. Please note that this is a temporary display issue and no content has been removed from your account. Although we are unable respond to every bug report individually, we are reading them. We appreciate your patience.

The Facebook Team

  In summation: Facebook is the almighty and doesn’t care about your fan page or problems. Unfortunately they have 300 million users and their base continues to grow by 1.2 million sign ups a day so we cannot boycott or switch sides now…we think. smile