Facebook Dying But Not Dead Yet

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Since the Facebook F8 conference, all the buzz on the blogs, news sites, and other social media outlets has been about the latest changes to Facebook: the impact they have, both positive and negative, as well as various random stabs at 25 year-old CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s principles.

  We’ve seen blog and news articles that range from Top 10 Reasons you should quit Facebook and it’s follow-up piece, More Reasons you should still quit Facebook. And apparently in late April a Facebook employee leaked some of the CEO’s takes on privacy which led to The Huffington Posts article titled Facebook’s CEO ‘Doesn’t Believe in Privacy’
Sounds like no big deal considering how big they are, right? The king of the mountains always gets hate from below. And with a visitor explosion to 400+ Million users how could they be dying already, right?

  I remember a few years ago when Peter Sena and I went to a seminar in NYC and listened to a Facebook executive say that every change they’d made since the very beginning had been met with adversity. From 100,000 users against photos, to 1,000,000 against statuses, to 2,000,000 against the new layout and so on. His follow-up was a pretty simple strategy: despite the outcries they never deter from the path they’ve set out on.
Then we found some interesting information possibly hinting that times are changing for the social networking behemoth. If you do a Google Search for “How do I” Google’s Google Suggest Service provides 10 options of popular searches. Currently on the list in 6th place you’ll find “How do I delete my Facebook account?” (see image below)

That got us pretty curious so we did some more digging. Using Google’s Timeline feature (which they graciously put in the all-new left navigation) we found what seems to be a major trend towards the fact that Facebook could be dying…or at the very least pissing a lot of people off lately. You decide. (see image below)