eReader Competition Fires Up (but not for Kindle)

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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This Week’s Top Story:

  It was all about the eReader industry this week as news flooded in about the three mainstream competitors: Barnes and Nobles’ Nook, the Amazon’s Kindle and the Apple’s iPad. It’s all about who has the majority (which is iPad, for now) and where the money’s going. First, Microsoft backed Nook full force by investing $300 billion in the Barnes and Nobles device. Later in the week, Target announced that it would no longer be selling Kindles due to a ‘conflict of industry’ as rumors swirled that a new deal with Apple motivated the decision.

  Apple currently leads with 68 percent of the market, however the race is far from over and it’s getting dirtier. Barnes and Nobles has even gone so far as to claim the Kindle is ”not that good in bed.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  The Village Voices has faced some heat recently for allowing certain ads in their ‘adult’ section that some advertisers feel could lead to child molestation. The feeling appears to be mutual, as twenty-seven advertisers have pulled their ad from the publication as of Friday. Musicians have been facing similar cries from their peers to discontinue their support for the publication until the Village Voice complies with their requests.

  On top of the Republicans’ recent efforts at social media, they have recently taken to Facebook with a new app, the “Social Victory Center,” to rally their supporters and keep them informed through ‘News’ for updates, ‘Events’ that displays nearby opportunities for engagement and ‘Discussions’ for conversation.

Be On the Lookout

  Facebook will going public on May 18 with shares in the $28-$35 range. Their valuation is estimated at $88 billion minimum, which will defeat the current record held by Google at $23 billion in 2004.

  We got more news about Blackberry 10 this week as developers were wrangled up to start creating apps for the platform however we also learned that previous users running on BB 7 will not get the update. It’s yet to be determined whether this is the break RIM needs to see success in the future.