Diving Into the Data Lake: 6 Ways Predictive Marketing Can Transform Your Brand

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Predictive marketing is the buzzword du jour, and when you hear it, you probably think the same thing I do — “I’m not a a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. How the hell can I actually leverage all this data I’m sitting on to drive value to my brand or business?”

I'd like to go a step beyond that possibility and posit that the real potential of predictive analytics is even greater. It won't just transform how your brand targets customers. It can help transform your brand itself. Everything from product development and customer experience to the way your departments work together can be impacted for the better once you dive into the data lake and start really using predictive marketing.

From Fortune 50 companies with proprietary analytics platforms to solopreneurs relying on Google Analytics, companies of all size can see the positive impact of measuring data and acting on the insights.

Here are six ways you can leap in and transform your company. Come on in . . . the water’s fine.