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Though our country is facing for some what seems like the roughest of times, it is important to remember, that continuing to advertise and market in a down economy is not a waste of your cash flow.

  Every channel you turn on, paper you read, or blog you come across, the media is instilling fear in the hearts of Americans, reporting that companies of all shapes and sizes are facing an economic plague. Many companies use low sales and decreased market share as the first sign to cut spending and suppress marketing dollars when in all reality that could quite possibly be one of the least strategic plays their marketing department will make.

  If others are pulling back on their reigns and slowing down their engines we see this move as opportunity to seize market share.

  Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the second richest man in the world said it best when he encouraged others to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

  Historically, those companies who have maintained a cost-effective strategic marketing campaign during times of economic duress are winning half the battle.

  As we all learned in our high school science class, an object in motion is more likely to remain in motion. That being said companies who have maintained or increased their stance will find themselves in a less cluttered playing field and it is during these times their brands have a greater possibility for impact.

  If anything, it is during these times that consumers are turning to the web more to surf and gather information rather then going out of their homes and spending money.

  Digital Surgeons is continuing to leverage our clients growth during these tough times through strategic, poised marketing moves ranging from Website Design and Development projects to Media buys and Social Media Marketing.

  Following the advice of Mr. Buffett, Digital Surgeons is continuing to hire and bring jobs to New Haven, Connecticut in efforts to turn New Haven into the marketing epicenter it should be.

  By fusing together with other local businesses via the support of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce we can continue to stimulate the growth of each other’s businesses.