Digital Surgeons’ Client Sir Drake Clothing on Fox Business News

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On March 7th, 2008 our client Sir Drake Clothing was seen on the “Happy Hour” segment of Fox Business News. Founders Topper Luciani and Scott Caputo discussed the process that has led to the success of the Sir Drake clothing line.

  The young entrepreneurs formed the company while still in college with the goal to create a polo shirt that was edgy yet rooted in tradition. Sir Drake is about the paradox of the modern man – willing to follow the rules of fashion yet actively seeking to express an individual sense of style.

  The focal point of this philosophy are the 8 original Sir Drake icons (or logos) embroidered on their polos, with each having special meaning. Instead of the traditonal gator logo we all have come to know, Sir Drake’s icons include their flying pig symbolizing the drive to “achieve the impossible” and the airplane that signifies “no boundaries”

  Digital Surgeons helped Sir Drake in marketing their vision by creating their website, a highly innovative design with ecommerce platform and interactive flash elements that delivers a high conversion to sale ratio.

  The Fox Business piece talked about the trials and tribulations Sir Drake experienced in using foreign manufacturers, including run-ins with poor quality, waterlogged shipments, and late deliveries. They have become strong proponents of the ‘Made in the USA’ movement after finding that the quality of both workmanship and communications is far superior to the alternative.

  The Sir Drake clothing line can be found in many retail locations. In marketing the website, the founders emphasized good old-fashioned persistence and knocking on every door for opportunity.

  The Digital Surgeons crew is pleased to be a part of this business success story and we wish our friends at Sir Drake Clothing a lifetime of growing prosperity. For more information on building online success, contact us at (203) 672-6201 or via our website form.