Digital News: Headline Hub, Aug. 12

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Each week, the Digital Surgeons team compiles the week’s news for designers, developers, online marketers, social media experts and overall tech-lovers. For the geek-on-the-go, catch up on all the important headlines from the week with just one click!

  News from the Warfront

  It seems that every week we get new features as the war for social media supremacy continues. Not that we’re complaining. Facebook struck a huge blow by launching a Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and Android, a separate messaging entity from the Facebook app. The app quickly took the number one spot in the iPhone App Store as preliminary reviews are extremely positive. The Messenger integrates nicely with the existing Facebook application, and has a distinctly iOS feel to it.

  Twitter made a huge leap this week as well, introducing integrated photo sharing for all users. After extensive use of TwitPic and other similar programs, this is bound to be a huge market for Twitter.

  Finally, it wouldn’t be a complete social media report without Google Plus. Users have begun seeing a “games” icon on their G+ streams. Early reports tell us that game publishers Zynga, Rovio and Wooga have submitted games and Google reps insist that games new will not appear in the stream, a common complaint of Facebook’s gaming applications (No, Farmville, I have no interest in trading sheep). Of course, mere hours later Facebook fired back with new features for their own gaming applications, including full screen capabilities.

  Newsworthy Tidbits:
-Emergency relief is going digital. It was announced this week that 911 will soon begin accepting text messages, photos, and videos.

  -RIM announced their new QNX-based Blackberry Colt for Q1 2012.

  -Digg is launching a social news gathering section called Newswire.

  -Klout has added Blogger, Instagram, Flickr, and to the growing list of influential social media accounts.

  Be on the Lookout:

  – will be bringing it’s entire collection of 20,000 clips and videos to YouTube.

  -Rdio is celebrating it’s one year anniversary by asking music website to submit playlists of their favorite songs from the past year, including their own list of staff favorites.

  -Big news for Amazon with the new Kindle Cloud Reader application, which allows users to read their Kindle books using their computer (Google Chrome or Safari) or iPad (Safari) in addition to their Kindle device.