Digital Media Planning and Buying Campaigns

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The Digital Surgeons development team has been working hard at upgrading with even more useful in-depth industry information for our clients and those looking to learn how to make their business thrive online. Our new Media Planning and Buying page is rich with information about the media buying process and how the search engine marketing experts at Digital Surgeons create tremendous success in media buying for our clients.

  Creating a truly effective online media buying campaign takes research, planning, and a solid idea of who the target audience is. The media planning and buying process involves a number of logical steps:

  • Determining the target audience and what gets their attention.
• Researching the best internet destinations and strategies for reaching this audience.
• Negotiating for and buying ad space from selected sites at the best value for the client’s marketing dollar.
• Design and Creation of advertisements and rich media targeted at the ideal market.
• Collecting and interpreting data collected about consumer response to the advertising campaign and adjusting strategies accordingly.

  Media buying agencies are not all cut from the same cloth. Digital Surgeons will work with you to gain an understanding of who your target audience is. Once identified, our media buying campaigns will include targeting that audience by geographic area, demographic profile, behavior tendencies, and a number of other factors. Our media planning, graphic design and flash development team brings to life:

Continuous ‘ticker tape’ type streaming ads
• Interactive banner advertisements
• Streaming video and audio
• Flash ads that respond when moused over
• Interactive mini games
• Online infomercials

  The search engine marketing possibilities are vast and Digital Surgeons loves the challenge of an innovative, custom media buying and design project. Our professional team targets the ideal market audience, researches the best possible sites for reaching them, builds a cost-effective media buying plan with these online destinations, and creates online advertisements and rich media designed specifically to reach your market demographic. We continually gather data, track, and test our media buying strategies to make sure our clients are getting the best possible value for their budget.

  For more information or to get started on a powerful online media buying campaign, call our media planning professionals at (203) 672-6201 or contact us via our convenient website form. We look forward to partnering with you on a dynamic and successful campaign.