Digital Marketing Trends: Add some fun (and discounts) to your Christmas shopping with Foursquare

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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This year’s Christmas shopping season marks Foursquare’s first major test as a deals platform. Begun as a social app for checking in with friends, Foursquare has evolved in to a major pathway to some pretty significant discounts. As you begin, or, depending on your level of preparation, continue your X-mas shopping, you should really consider adding Foursquare in to the mix. Consider it your own digital elf.

  Merchants of all sizes, from the small mom-and-pop retailer to the nationwide chains and big-box stores are using the location-based service to offer up some pretty plum deals, as well as special offers for checking in.

  At the beginning of December, Gap debuted a very compelling advertising campaign that featured interactive “Add to Foursquare” buttons within its online ads. The ads featured Gap holiday fashions and deals integrated into the creative. When clicked, the buttons added a Gap-to-do list and enabled a 30% discount on one regular priced piece of Gap clothing. Not a bad deal, no matter what the season.

  This is one of the first times that Foursquare has been utilized as the call to action, but considering the shopper traffic that can be attracted by this kind of special pricing, we’re sure they won’t be the first.

  Our best advice when it comes to utilizing Foursquare as a shopping aid this holiday season is, first and foremost, to sign up with Foursquare and then to use it to check in wherever you shop. Chances are you’ll be feeling some Christmas cheer all the way to the bank.