Digital Marketing News: The Headline Hub, Aug. 19

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Each week, the Digital Surgeons team compiles the week’s news for designers, developers, online marketers, social media experts and overall tech-lovers. For the geek-on-the-go, catch up on all the important headlines from the week with just one click!

  Expansion of the Google Empire

  It seems like we can’t seem to get Google out of the headlines this summer. Just as the stir of Google + seems to be fading (though never gone), the tech conglomerate shakes things up with it’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola. Speculation has since run rampant on everything from patents, to Google TV, to the possible domination of Android devices. Speaking of Android, Google also launched an App Inventor to make it easier for developers to work on new Android apps.

  Newsworthy Tidbits

  In the wake of the London riots, British Prime Minister David Cameron has been publically discussing a ban on social media “when we know [people] are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.”

  RIM suffered a blow this week as Nextel Sprint pulled support for the Blackberry Playbook. Still, the release of the 4G Bold 9900 (available for consumers August 31) has brought some positive buzz back to the company so far.

  Amazon Instant Video hits 100,000 videos, a library three times the size of Netflix. Amazon Prime members have access to about 9,000 of those for free, as part of their subscription. The remaining videos are sold a la carte.

  As part of major company reshuffling, HP announced that it will be discontinuing support for webOS and Touchpad devices. This news comes along with the $10.3 billion acquisition of European software company Autonomy and plans to spin off their PC business.

  Be On the Lookout:

  FourSquare will be adding big events within for users to check-in to. Events will include concerts, movies, and sports games as chosen by Foursquare partners. This feature is already available for iPhone and will roll out to other platforms soon.

  Public Google+ posts from people in your circles will be visible when searching in Google.

  There are talks of the new iPad 3 aimed for release in early 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal.