Digital Marketing News: The Headline Hub, Aug. 5

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Each week, the Digital Surgeons team compiles the week’s news for designers, developers, online marketers, social media experts and overall tech-lovers. For the geek-on-the-go, catch up on all the important headlines from the week with just one click!

  Partnership is in the Air

  Summer romance is in the air and with it comes new social media relationships. After news several weeks ago about Foursquare partnering up with some daily deal sites, they’ve made a new agreement with Groupon, allowing for realtime deals via the ‘Explore’ tab. At the same time, Klout, which was recently making headlines with their Foursquare hook up, has added YouTube to their growing list of influential social media networks.

  A third, and more exciting, relationship is the new Neilson Company/Facebook partnership. Starting August 15, Neilson will be measuring the reach and success of cross-platforms that use TV and the Internet.

  Newsworthy Tidbits:

  – Twitter has got its eye set on bringing in the green. After last week’s announcement about promoted tweets in timelines, this week brought news of a massive funding round within Twitter. The Wall Street Journal reports their value at $8.4 billion.

  – Facebook is all over the news this week with several big stories coming out of the Palo Alto company. First was its acquisition of e-book publisher Push Pop Press. Facebook insists it isn’t joining the e-book phenomenon, but will be utilizing the technology for information sharing on the site. In addition, Randi Zuckerberg (yes, Mark’s sister) has left the company in pursuit of her own marketing initiatives.

  Be on the Lookout:

  – Beta has just launched, but for developers only. We’ll have some preliminary insights for you soon, so sit tight!

  Monday brought a preview of Adobe Edge, the new animation tool that utilizes HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. The product will be supported by Windows and MacOS, and the preview is available for free download.

  – Smartphones galore! HTC will be releasing up to eight new devices in the next quarter and we just got a preview of the new Blackberry devices to arrive later this year. The new phones (Torch 9810, Torch 9860 and Bold 9900) are equipped with Blackberry OS 7.

  – Windows Phone 7 has made the jump to a new square shaped logo to replace the circular one.